Saturday, July 18, 2009

This photo shows 31 of the 35 pieces of rust-dyed fabric drying in the sun. Some have already received the tannin bath, some are waiting their turn, and some will have rust only.

I couldn't help but think of workers in the field picking tomatoes, cotton, strawberries, or anything else that needs to be picked by hand. What back-breaking work it is to bend over for hours. Thank goodness for Ibuprophen!

OK, a little dramatic, but I was trying to empathize!

Today they will go to the laundromat for two trips through the jumbo washing machine (one with Rust Wash and one with an industrial fiber conditioner) and then a tumble in the dryer.

There is a long list of things to do before leaving for Quilt Festival next Wednesday. I'm really excited about demonstrating in the Earth Safe Finishes booth! The demo will be layers of surface design with Colorants and Fabric Magic, or with the Shimmer Gels. Very cool!

If you visit Quilt Festival, please stop by the Earth Safe Finishes booth ( Booth # 1251) to say hello!

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