Friday, November 7, 2008

Threads glorious threads! I love the texture, color, dimension, and finish they add to a fabric composition.

As a confessed thread slut, I will use any thread that gives the desired effect on fabric!

That said, I am really excited to know more about thread! Diane Harmon-Hoog on The Thread Society Yahoo discussion list has opened my eyes to new possibilities and new thread products.

One that really caught my eye is a fusible thread called Charlotte’s Web from Superior Threads. Developed by Charlotte Warr Anderson, it looks almost like fine dental floss.

In the sample above, I simply tossed a little on a scrap of rust-dyed fabric, covered it with silver holograhic fabric foil, and applied heat. When the mylar base was peeled away, the thread had melted and bonded the foil to the fabric (left). The spool is on the right. You can see the difference in the thickness before and after heat application. Pretty cool!

I really want to experiment with stitching some on rusted fabric and then applying the foil!