Sunday, July 4, 2010

Art Blast in Syracuse, Indiana yesterday was, well, a blast! There were about 20 vendors located in and around The Creative Fish Gallery. There was a steady stream of friendly folks visiting and shopping all day!

Can you believe all this (except the refrigerator box) fit in my little Vibe? LOVE the Vibe! It doesn't look big, but with the seats folded down, there is continuous cargo space from dashboard to hatch AND it gets 30 mpg hauling all that stuff. Amazing!

Teacup "Candle-ier" was once again the subject of much discussion.

Two Sipsters Studio jewelry drew a lot of attention.

As did the Re-Chic Boutique items. (Yes the baker's rack folds flat and fit into the Vibe!)

A set of three serving pieces in graduated sizes. The delicate roses on the Noritake N78 (or was it N73) are really an eye-catcher.

This set of four ivy servers in graduated heights is beautiful on a table for any special occasion.

Kids and adults alike were drawn to the "spray-dye it yourself" booth. Select a blank, such as a cotton T-shirt, silk scarf, or rayon waterfall jacket and apply spray dyes in our special booth (formerly known as the refrigerator box).

This is a cotton top I made for Lori in our favorite colors, purple (her favorite) and orange (my favorite).

There were children as young as 7 having a great time spraying the colors onto the shirts. The sun dried the blanks quickly and they went home for heat-setting the next day.

All the color was from Earth Safe Finishes, of course! Safe for the environment; safe for the artist. It took only two droppers full of Colorant + 1 dropper full of Fabric Magic in about 16 ounces of water. Gotta love it!!

We'll be back for Art Fest in Syracuse at the end of the month—or our work is in The Creative Fish in Syracuse. Drop by on your way to or from Lake Wawasee!!