Friday, July 17, 2009

I mentioned a sweater set found in one of Mom's drawers. Here is a photo of the sweater and cap she knit for me so many years ago. She had experienced three miscarriages and was under complete bed rest for months. So, it's no surprise she knitted, painted, and wrote! Those were the days before TV, Internet, and mp3 players.

This little sweater was lovingly packed in a bag, along with a note saying how much she loved me. What a treasure. I am so blessed—and hope my own children know how much they are loved.

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Gerrie said...

This brought tears to my eyes. My mother was a knitter and she knitted lovely things for my childre. When my daughter became pregnant, she was in Portland, OR and I was in Wilmington, NC. As a treat, I packed up all the knitted things and the smocked dresses I had made and their baptismal dress and sent them to her. They were lost by the USPS and never to be found. After the tears, I just had to let go.

You are so lucky to have this. I know you cherish it.