Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it possible I haven't posted a new blog entry since last Tuesday? Not sure where the time goes!

It is gray and stormy today and my little dog Elsie is not enjoying the cold one little bit! She is wearing the new fleece sweatshirt I made for her in the photo above. There was enough in the remnant from Hancock Fabric, I was able to make two for her, but she won't leave either one on!

The goal was to protect her (all 4 pounds of her) from the elements, but she doesn't seem to see the benefit. As soon as it is wrapped around her, a frenzy sets in and doesn't stop until she succeeds in removing the wrap.

Hopefully, she will get used to the feel soon and stop fighting it!

I'm almost finished with an altered-book spread and will post the photo tomorrow.

For now, I'm trying to install the Verizon DSL wireless modem in the house. The cable connection has been a nightmare for all four years we've had it. Time for a change!