Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting ready for the studio tour on Saturday!! Darrell, the carpet magician just left and everything looks clean and wonderful. Since this is the only time it will look this good, I took photos to prove it once looked this great.

Standing at the foot of the stairs, this is the view to the right (ish). Two desks and multiple printers are located at that end. The new (to me) 24"-wide Epson 7600 printer is standing in the little kitchen of the studio level, so you can't see it.

Still standing at the foot of the stairs, looking slightly to the left is the door out to the “three-season conference room” (patio)and the rust studio. In the distance you might be able to make out the pond.

Looking to the left of the door to the patio is the space that held the original owners’ pool table. It's perfect for shelves and work tables. The tables are outside on the patio right now.
We moved a truck load of studio stuff to the storage unit yesterday. Some will come back, but most will stay there until I can bear to give it away or sell it.

We've come full circle. The stairs are to the right, behind the bins and shelves on the right. The bathroom is on the other side of the wall with the tall shelves and three shorter bin units. The little kitchen is to the left and you can see the cabinets, refrigerator, and sink (kind of).

These wire drawers hold the quilting fabric. The quantity has dwindled some and will continue to do so as I rust all the sweet prints no longer used in my work.

Hope you've enjoyed the little tour! Saturday, the work tables will come back inside to hold product for sale, make-it/take-it equipment, and refreshments.

Pray for the storms to hold off until Sunday!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been so long since I've posted on this blog, I had to reset the password!!

The little beauty above is approximately 8 1/2" x 11" and was the door prize at the quilt guild in Lafayette, Indiana last night.

They had a cancellation in their program and invited me to share the Altered Photo Artistry trunk show with their members. What a delightful group of quilters! I'm just sorry they didn't book the workshop, too. They would have loved it!

The door prize quiltie is the first I've cut along the outline of the petal. It took a bit more time to satin-stitch the edges, but the result was well worth two trips around the periphery.

Speaking of workshop quilts, the example above (detail below) is from Pat Iannone. She started this quilt last month in a workshop and sent the photo at the beginning of April.

Hand-stitched beads in the center really add to the texture. Great job Pat!

Sylvia Polk started this beautiful piece of persimmon leaves at the California Association of Machine Embroiders in Santa Maria March 12th. In spite of her busy schedule, Sylvia finished this and e-mailed a photo to me.

Her piece really emphasizes the importance of the outlining step to control the emphasis of the image.

Thanks for sharing, ladies!