Saturday, May 9, 2009

Please continue to post your interest in the test team!

Nancy at Earth Safe Finishes has offered to include samples of the Colorant so you can try those too. So, we'll include a project sheet for that.

Monday I'll look into the most economical way to box this all up and ship it. So hang on, it's going to be an adventure!

Make your own inkjet coating for fabric!

Make your own inkjet coating for fabric!

Longtime art buddy Barbara Matthiessen and I are really excited to share a recent discovery. This will be especially interesting to those who print on specialty fabrics and have had trouble finding Bubble Jet Set 2000.

Barbara and I have been working with Earth Safe Finishes products recently, a line of environmentally safe colorants (like an ink or dye), paints, and media. One of the products is a no-VOC (volatile organic compound) fabric medium called Fabric Magic, which can be mixed with the colorants and water, aloe gel, or shaving cream to create fabric inks, dyes, or paints.

Long story short(er): A few drops of Fabric Magic mixed with water, can also be used as an inkjet fixative on fabric!

Barbara has conducted the initial tests on this, since I've been with my mom in the hospital and rehab center, but we'd like to include YOU in a test team, if you're interested.

The first 25 people who respond to this will receive a bottle of Fabric Magic (for the price of shipping) and instructions, so the methodology will be the same throughout the team. When your tests are completed and results are returned, I'll send you a signed mini Threadography as a "thank you." Results will be posted here on my blog.

The goal is to test the Fabric Magic recipe with as many different printers and printer inks as possible to establish the versatility of this technique.

No, neither of us are employees of Earth Safe Finishes. We are just product development specialists in the quilting and craft industries, as well as artists who love to print on fabrics not available commercially coated.

If you're interested, please leave a comment on today's blog entry and we'll get details to you. We are really excited and hope you will be, too!