Thursday, April 14, 2011

Digital Collage for Mixed Media at Quilt Festival

New workshop from Two Sipsters Studio: Digital Collage for Mixed Media debuted at Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.

What fun we had selecting backgrounds and subjects, adding words, and surface design before stitching and finishing!

The sewing labs were great, eliminating the need for participants to each drag a sewing machine to class. Thank you Janome!!

We explored words added as a layer in the digital collage, or added as a quotation printed on cotton twill tape.

Once each participant chose the background, subject, and words, they were printed on fabric and layers of texture were added with stencils and/or rubber stamps.

Jana had never worked with digital collage before, but was able to complete an awesome mini quilt in class.

Eleny was the class angel and passed out class materials, as well as disposed of paint cleanup.

Photographs, words, digital and manual texture are combined in delightful mini quilts for gifting or displaying.

Some students combined their own backgrounds and subjects in Photoshop Elements, while others had little or no experience with the software.

Happy faces share the results of their classroom work, inviting YOU to the next Digital Collage for Mixed Media!!