Monday, February 15, 2010

I've been enjoying the photos of snow-dyed fabrics from various quilters on the Artquilt list and just had to try it myself!

My results, however, are not as fabulous as those others have created. The bin above produced the fabric in the photo above and the two immediately below.

It's OK, but not as dramatic as I had hoped—and this is the better of the two bins.

This does NOT mean I am defeated, though. This was merely the first trial. Maybe the snow layer was too thick. There was a lot of liquid in the bin after the snow finally melted.

The second bin (above) had two shades of blue and two green.

This is the piece of fabric from that bin. There is a lot of space with little or nothing on it.

I really do like this texture, but it's like a little island in the ocean. Only an occasional spot of color.

One artist did the dyeing on a screen, rather than in a bin, so the fabric didn't sit in liquid. Maybe that's the secret.

Any suggestions?