Friday, June 5, 2009

If a funeral can be beautiful, this one was! There was sunshine, laughter, tears, music, balloons, and food. Sounds like a party, doesn't it? It was truly a celebration of a long and full life well lived.

Mom's favorite color was pink, so it was easy to choose flowers: dark pink roses, light pink roses, pink Gerbera daisies, pink lilies, pink stock, white stock, and lots of baby's breath. There will probably be plenty of Threadography pieces from photos of her flowers. LOL!

This is a photo of the "22 balloon salute" at the cemetery. There were suppose to be 24 balloons, but two broke in transit.

She would have loved the whole affair! The hearse took a wrong turn in the cemetery and we all had to circle around again to get to the grave site.

She was very organized and has made administering her small estate quite painless. Going through her house is another matter! Like many lifelong crafters, she was a packrat. Throw away 4" of ribbon left from the bolt? No way! You never know when you'll need plastic butter tubs, or strawberry boxes, or snippets of fabric scraps, or the tiny dab of glue left in the tube. Sigh! What a job.

Two bits of business: Don't forget to send the greeting card for Clotilde. Because of my mom's passing, the deadline has been extended to the end of June. Please let me know if you'd like to send a card for her and I'll give you my snail-mail address.

Also, e-mails have gone out to those who indicated they'd like to be part of the ESF Print Test Team AND who gave me their e-mail addresses. Although more than 70 people signed up, fewer than 50 gave me e-mail addresses. If you would like to be part of the team, there are still a few openings. Please leave a comment here, including your e-mail address!


Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...


is this the Earth Safe Finishes that you were gonna send Paypal info for so we could pay for postage? I did send you and email address for that and never heard back from you anything else about it.

It was around the time your mom was first in hospital so I attributed it to that.

Robin in WNC said...

I did not know you needed an email address, just assumed you would have it.
I am still interested in helping test, email is

Robin in NC

Marie said...

I would like to be part of the test I have already ordered the fabric starter kit from Nancy and am going to be doing some experimenting this weekend. I look forward to my results and the results you get from your testers.

Thanks, Marie

Anonymous said...

It was truly a beautiful funeral, and it is good to laugh in between the tears. I liked your description: "celebration of a life fully lived".

If you need more European testers, I would love to be part of the team. Email: aefoerde at

Eldrid in Norway

maggi said...

Such beautiful flowers and a rally lovely celebration of your mother's life.

Jill said...

I did leave my info, but perhaps it got overlooked due to your mother's illness. I just wanted to say, my mother died at the end of January 2008 -- can it be that long ago? -- so i have great empathy for what you've been going through. It doesn't matter how old we are, loosing a parent is wrenching.

Jill Williams

Ann Morrell said...

I thought I had left email and home address in my original sign up...but didn't get an email from you as you mentioned in blog...if your testers are full...I'll be happy just to read their reviews...but if you still have

Ann morrell in Grayton Beach

Judy Alexander said...

Sorry about your Mom. No matter how old you are this is always one of the most important people in your life and so hard to lose. I think of my Mom often and she has been gone for 12 years.

plockh said...

Dear Beth,
I received the sample bottle of Fabric Magic & 2 coloant bottles, but NO instructions or test result forms were included. Please send them off as I am anxious to test the products. I trust you have my mailing address from the paypal payment.

Margaret said...

I would like to participate in the experiment using Fabric Magic to fix inkjet images. I am most interested in a direct print method. My email address is

Thank you,