Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I ordered flowers for the casket spray yesterday: dark pink roses, light pink Gerbera daisies, and lots of baby's breath. It should be beautiful.

The weather forecast for Friday has no mention of rain, thank goodness. Thank you to those who shared the balloon release idea for the grave site. They will be pink and white, of course! I'm hoping to get a photo of the balloons to share on the blog.

Several online friends have mentioned how difficult it is to hear the words in the Charlotte Church piece. So, here they are:

From my first moment you gave me wings
Let me fly and believed in my dreams
From that first moment you cherished me so
The journey through life would be hard with out you
You gave me all I have and all I know

From my first moment you would be there
In your arms lay the strength I now bear
From that first moment each day I have you
As seasons they change but your heart stays the same
You gave me all I have and all I know

From my first moment as time goes by
We drift endlessly through open skies
The journey though life would be hard with out you
You gave me all I have and all I know


queenopearls said...

Beth, while the balloon release sounds amazing, please consider the ecological impact too.
I send you major hugs,

Antonija said...

I'm sorry to hear of the death of your mum. I lost my mother over 10 years ago, and miss her every day. Bless your heart...
May your family, friends and online community sustain you at this time.

Kate said...

Beth, I know how hard it is to lose one's mother. Within grief, there is also some relief. I hope you find comfort in knowing your mom is above and beyond all fear and pain.

My mom passed 9 years ago, and she visits me in dreams (and occassionally I hear her chuckling and saying, "I told you so!"). Whenever it rains, I use an umbrella that was hers. She is gone physically, yet her love still supports me; that is the miracle of mothers.

I hope your happy memories of your mom will help to sustain you during this difficult time of separation.


Beth Wheeler said...


E-mail to the address you gave me keeps bouncing back. Would you please contact me?