Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fabric books for ASPCA

It may seem like I'm not doing much fiber work (it seems that way to me!) but I'm actually accomplishing a few things. The pages below are from two fabric books made as table centerpieces for the Fort Wayne ASPCA gala last week. 

This one is Wild Cats of Science

The inside back cover (cover 3) featured a library pocket with a note saying: "Every day is caterday. Be kind."

The pretend tome was authored by Truman Cat-pote and featured famous and not-so-famous cats of science.

The front cover looks like a little grass shack in the jungle and shows a very cat-like eye when the door is opened. I had hoped to have a free-standing 3-D palm tree, but abandoned that after four attempts proved fruitless.

The second book was Wild Cats in Art and showed famous works of art before they were altered by human to claim the fame, such as the Mona Lisa holding a kitty.

I am so grateful for the day job to pay bills, but really miss studio time!!


Nina Marie said...

ohhh these are great! Were they eventually given away or auction that night? what a nice idea!

S. Fedoruk said...

They are so darn cute. Were they a take away for the dinner guests or were they auctioned?