Friday, July 6, 2012

Mass Hysteria!

This doodle print by Aimee Dolich of Artsyville on Etsy really spoke to me this morning. The Indiana State board of education has decided to discontinue teaching cursive writing in our public schools.


Seriously? What rocket scientist made that decision?

Sorry, I don't usually have such strong reactions to these things, but WHAT are they thinking? As I ponder the next project in JOY Jam, it's pretty clear it will include handwriting in some way. I'm grateful for the teachers who encouraged me to have better handwriting. I practiced every summer vacation but my cursive is barely readable and printing is even worse.

My first "novel" (6th grade) was handwritten on blue-lined notebook paper. When my mother died, I found a bundle of greeting cards I made by hand—and a fake excuse note to get myself out of a math exam in second grade.

Can't we have a huge bake sale to raise funds to include cursive writing in our curriculum? I am REALLY upset, mystified, horrified, perplexed, and concerned!!!


Marie Z. Johansen said...

Say it isn't so! I am astounded at this turn of events. First kids are not taught proper English, they cannot spell and now they will not learn to w r i t e ??!!! I mean printing is not writing. It's a sad state of affairs.... spoken as a person who only uses fountain pens and still enjoys real letters and snail mail!

Robin in WNC said...

They quit teaching cursive here in NC about 4 years ago. Now kids cannot read anything but printing!
How can they sign a legal document is my question?
My daughter is a teacher (she does not approve of this) says there is no time to teach this anymore! She says she will be teaching her two girls this method at home and she makes them correct their spelling also.