Monday, May 3, 2010

Studio Tour

I can't figure out how to move the photo of the cupcake tree to the proper place, but here they are. Aren't they beautiful? Arlette made scads of mini champagne cupcake with champagne icing, orange (my favorite color) sugar, and tiny edible pearls. How elegant!

It stormed in the night and I had visions of an empty studio and sad artists—but no! The rain stopped shortly before the Studio Tour opened and held off until shortly after the tour closed. What a blessing!

This display has Dixie Landis Bradley's beautiful paintings and collages. Notice the waterfall jacket on the dress form on the right. Dixie's husband Norman shaped a coat hanger into the profile of a woman. Isn't it perfect?

The waterfall jacket is an example of a finished Make-it/Take-it. Guests selected a blank silk scarf, rayon waterfall jacket, or poncho and dyed it in the back yard with Earth Safe Finishes spray dyes. The pieces were beautiful and each quite different from the other!

Rosie's gourd and glass pins were a hit. Only one was left at the end of the day.

Amy's raku (on the right) was very popular! She now has her own raku kiln and we're begging for raku classes.

The table at the end held the blank scarves and jackets.

Rust-dyed silk scarves, T-shirts and sweatshirts shared a rack with blank purses. There were requests for a class to make the painted purse—and we'll be glad to oblige. If you have a group of at least four people interested in a class, we'll schedule one at the group's convenience.

The Make-it/Take-it table was busy all day! Amy did a MITI of a pin/magnet made from two slide mounts framing a tiny photo and April jumped right in and guided guests through making a needle-felted pin.

Rust-dyed cotton fabrics were available in fat quarters, half-yard, and full-yard cuts.

Samples of upcoming class projects were displayed on this table, and Rosie kept the area humming with explanations of the classes and passing out workshop brochures.

We sold the last two copies of Altered Photo Artistry from TWO printings! The book is now available as a Print-on-Demand product and will soon be offered as an e-book.

PhotoFabric really needed a demonstration going to show how it's used, but Lori had massage clients until after noon.

We've come full circle in the studio. I really wish there were photos of Arlette's refreshments. She made the most incredible champagne cupcakes and fruit slush punch!

There were five studios on the tour. If you were able to attend, you'll have to tell us how wonderful the other studios were. Thanks for stopping by my studio!

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