Friday, April 24, 2009

Have you heard of Earth Safe Finishes yet? It is a woman-owned (USA) company that manufactures and sells paint, colorants, and media with no or low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content. The purse above was made from a piece of rust-dyed fabric over-dyed with the dye recipe and surface design added with opaque shimmer gels.

I really love the colorants, fabric medium, and shimmer gels on fabric! They are environmentally friendly-and space friendly. The colorants mixed with various media will produce dye, ink, or paint in any color you want. That means less space occupied by multiple colors of dye, multiple colors of ink, and multiple colors of paint!

The monthly newsletter is packed with ideas, tips, how-to projects, and useful environmental information. The link to the newsletter page is Check it out! With the focus on environmentally ("green") responsible products and reducing one's carbon imprint, this is especially timely.

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HLRussell said...

Fantastic! Wonderful! So glad there's now something out there I can use without feeling guilty...Thank you.