Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is the next experiment with the Environmentally Safe Finishes (Generation Green) products. A new batch arrived Friday and I've only had a few minutes to work with it. Isn't this yummy? Even in a low-resolution photo you can see the way the colors blended!

This is an embossed wallpaper border with five different colors of Shimmering Gels applied with a stipple brush. The base is magenta, followed by bronze, copper, peach, and white, although I'm not sure the white added a lot. The cumulative effect is really pleasing!

This will be a background in an album to hold e-mail greetings to Clotilde from friends around the globe—maybe even part of the cover.

After church I'll work with the ESF colorants on rust-dyed fabric. Hopefully, the right ratio of water to Fabric Magic will be easy to pin down. Actually, Nancy at Environmentally Safe Finishes says the colorants may be used alone, but won't be as light fast as they are when used with Fabric Magic. I may try just the colorant and then do a light-fastness test (which takes several weeks of sunshine to complete).

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Carol said...

I need to show this to my mother. She has embossed wallpaper at her house that she has painted a number of times over the years. I can just see her trying this out :)