Saturday, March 28, 2009

Are you a Clotilde fan?

Did you have the opportunity to get to know Clotilde before she retired? She has been part of the lives of so many quilters and sewing enthusiasts over the past 35 years—through her catalogs, at sewing shows, on TV, video (before the days of DVDs)!

She has retired from business life and is now living in a retirement home. This is a big change for her and I thought it would be fun to shower her with cheery greetings to help her during this transition time and let her know how much her work meant to so many.

If you are interested in sending a card, fabric postcard, or some other small greeting, I am collecting them until May 1. At that time Clotilde's long-time assistant LeeAnn will deliver the greetings to her personally.

Clotilde will probably not be able to respond to the cards (because there will be so many!) but LeeAnn should be able to tell us how she responds.

Let me know and I'll send an e-mail to you with my snail-mail address.

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