Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Hush

Well, this isn’t part of the series, but it is an experiment. I’m fascinated by Wen Redmond’s work with transparent overlays and have wanted to try one myself for more than a year.

This first one is a swap with an online artist buddy, whom I’ve never met in person. We tried to make connections at Quilt Festival in Houston last October, but were never in the booth at the same time. We can’t even coordinate a phone call!

It’s only 8" x 10" but is just the right size to convey the hushed sound right after a heavy snowfall. I love that sound (or quality of hushed sound) and remember dragging a college friend from Florida onto the porch of our New York dorm during the first snowfall to experience that peaceful hush. She probably thought I had a screw or two loose, but she indulged me.

Come to think of it, she didn’t mind when I introduced her to the joys of building a snowman, either. She was sick in bed, but I carried several garbage bags of snow into the bathroom and we built a mini snowman in the bathtub.

What wonderful memories! Last I heard from her Donna and her family were missionaries in Mali, where there is definitely no snow. :-)


Myggan said...


The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, yes, that definitely captures the moment. Such softness yet enough color showing through to give it presence. Nice job! Wish it were coming to me. ;-)

maggi said...

This is a lovely piece. The overlay seems to shimmer, is it organza?

Beth Wheeler said...


It is a synthetic sheer from the bridal department. I don't think it is officially an organza, but it handles and looks very much like one.


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I love this! Is the tree just outlined in black thread?