Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Straight Stitch Series

Have you ever worked in a series? Series work of other quilters and quilt artists used to fascinate me, but I never quite understood. Now I understand.

The Straight Stitch Series began on a whim with the goal of donating the pieces to Collage Mania. Here is the link These are small pieces, each 8" x 10", each made with rust-dyed fabric and free-motion straight stitches, exploring the power of the simplest unit quilters have.

The photos above are numbers 4 and 5 in the series, but many more have been sketched. They take less than a day to create and use small pieces or scraps of rust-dyed fabrics from other projects.

The small format makes it easy to try a new technique, motion combination, proportion—or compare the effect of a change in one of these in two small pieces. It’s also an honor to contribute to Virginia Spiegel’s wonderful project to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Most of us have been touched by cancer, in one way or another. This makes me feel a little less powerless.


Marty's Fiber Musings said...

Love your small more as you get them finished.

maggi said...

The pieces are wonderful. I am not surprised that you hove got hooked on working in a series with these as there are so many possibilities to explore.

queenopearls said...

Wonderful pieces!
The lines are so peaceful and I love your use of the rusted fabric.
You go girl!