Monday, May 28, 2012

JOY Jam Hearts from Rusted Fabric

Here are a few more hearts for the Joy Jam project. These are made with rust-dyed fabric, which is treated to surface design of some yummy stenciled  metallic fabric paint (Earth Safe Finishes copper Opaque Shimmers and The Crafters Workshop stentcils).

Keep in mind, I have about 15 minutes a day to devote to artwork. So, these are pretty simple. My art-soul wants to add free-motion stitching, beads, etc. but this will have to do for now.

These seven hearts represent two days of work. The first day I iron the fabric, fuse scraps of fusible fleece, and stencil. The second day, I print the words, layer front and back, stitch the heart outline, and then cut around the stitching. I have a pair of scallop pinking shears; think I'll try those tomorrow.

There has been a request for a tutorial on printing on twill tape. I am NOT the person who published this idea first, although I had been using it for years before it was published.

OK, Blogger and I aren't communicating well. This is the first time I've tried to embed a tutorial and wanted it to be a pdf so you could download it. However, it will only load as a jpeg. Suggest you drag it to your desktop and enlarge it.

If that isn't sufficient, let me know and I'll be glad to e-mail it to you as a pdf.

Heading to work in a few hours. Who can resist double time and a half rate for 8 hours? I'll be home about midnight. Have a great holiday and let me know if you have questions.

I REALLY hope you decide to make some hearts and share with friends, family, and associates. Passing the joy forward is the goal! (My mom loved the quote "Bloom where you are planted." and would have loved the Joy Jam project as a way to put the quote into action. She's been gone three years now and I continue to celebrate her life and the unconditional love she showed me.)


Susan Being Snippy said...

Wonderful Idea! I actually have some bits left over from making postcards on peltex and these bits with backing would really abstract hearts! My DH works at night and I know a few hearts would brighten up the shift! Tho it would be weird for a old guy to give out hearts... hmmmm, well, I'll make afew anyway and see how it goes.

LoLo said...

Wonderful tutorial! Can't wait to give it a try. Not sure about my old printer, though.
Any recommendations on a great printer and ink for this sort of thing? One day I will get a new good printer.

Beth Wheeler said...

LoLo, I highly suggest an Epson. They use pigmented inks and are very reasonably priced. Models change so quickly, I'm not sure what the current one is, but generally they have a model at Office Depot, Staples, and/or Best Buy for around $69 (includes an ink set).