Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a month it has been! Thank you so much to those who have offered encouragement and comfort.

Next Monday I begin training for a full-time position with a technical company.

I don't know what it will mean for my artwork. I'm praying for a happy heart—to be where I'm suppose to be.

This change could not be anticipated, but after a client let me work on a project for a year, released the product and then did not pay me (and will not pay me), I'm in the position of needing employment with a steady income.

Heavy heart.


Maggi said...

Good luck with the new job. I do hope that you are still able to produce your beautiful work. Shame on that client of yours, there is no excuse for that.

Sue Cottle said...

That's so sad. I hope the new job works out well, and you get enjoyment from it. Have you warned others who may also be stung by this client?
I'm sure you'll find time to do your art - it's a real 'need' that has to be filled - it may just be hard to squeeze in at first.
love and blessings.

Chris Daly said...

How sad. I hope you still have time to share your amazing works of art. I loved taking your class.

Linda said...

I have sent numerous e-mails. I have still not received the photo fabric. Could you please issue me a refund. If I do not hear from you, my next step is to contact paypal. Thank you, Linda Nelsestuen