Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is the first exhibition piece of 2011 using the “resolution” to incorporate more painting techniques into my work. This is 12" wide and 36" long. Framed. Under glass (something I rarely do). It’s for a photography exhibit at Artlink Contemporary Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Like much of my work, it began with a photo, two photos actually. This is a shot of the gazebo in Lakeside Rose Garden.
Many hours later, this is a detail of the finished piece. Very out of the box for me: No vibrant colors, lots of subtle shading, no stitching this time (although future projects are planned to include stitching).

I’m scared to deliver it to the gallery today, but part of being an artist is taking risks!

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Michigoose said...

Don't be frightened...unless you're afraid of breaking the glass. Looks great. Has a lot of texture and depth and I like the layout and your choice of colors. What's not there to like? Good job!