Monday, May 17, 2010

One of the goodies on the coffee bar was a plate of "tea eggs." Don't they look like marble?

Of course, I had to look up the recipe the next day. Interesting! They are hardboiled eggs that are soaked in a solution of tea, soy sauce, anise, and other spices I wouldn't have thought of putting together.

Don't think they'll become a family favorite, but they were really interesting.

Saturday the 15th was perfect! The sun was shining, it was slightly cool, and other than the migraine that drove me crazy, it was perfect for the 10th annual garden party at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Fort Wayne.

Guests began arriving shortly after 8:00 am and were greeted with a friendly smile and a name tag.

There were booths of beautiful flowers. A gorgeous salmon-color lupine and a crimson gloxinia went home with me.

The display of yard art was wonderful!

This is one end of the fabulous coffee bar—and you can see a bit of my Threadography in the background!

The day was filled with speakers, mini workshops, laughter, and a wonderful awareness of conservation and environmental responsibility.

The ladies of the church, dressed in floral aprons, kept the activities on schedule. Susan Wenger coordinated the desserts, and did a wonderful job—as did everyone on the team!

Sue Ellen's talent at the keyboard enriched the experience for everyone.

Lunch included homemade quiche. Can you imagine baking quiche for about 100 people? Wow!

Gentlemen of the church served lunch in a light-filled fellowship room.

To my delight, there were quilts on almost all the walls.

Can you see the goodie bags? They are re-usable shopping bags filled with information about resources in the Fort Wayne area for casual and serious gardeners.

One of the last events of the day was a silent auction.

On behalf of all participants, I'd like to thank the efficient and gracious team of workers at the Unitarian Universalist Church for a job well done! Thank you for including me in the incredible experience.

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