Saturday, December 19, 2009

Need a quick-to-make last-minute gift? These padfolios are perfect as a hostess gift, exchange, or for a special arty friend who like to keep notes wherever (s)he goes! Once the surface design is done, it takes less than an hour to finish one of these beauties.

These are began with rust-dyed fabric. Some have Earth Safe Finishes Colorants applied, some are stamped with ESF Colorant as a rubber-stamp ink, and some are touch-printed with ESF Opaque Shimmers.

The fabric for this one was sprayed with ESF moss + Fabric Magic while the rusted fabric was damp. The polymer clay pendant picks up the green nicely.

This surface treatment is ESF Colorants + Fabric Magic drizzled on a shaving cream printing plate and swirled for a faux marbled effect.

Bottle caps and paper-towel cores were used as touch-print shapes. The flaps are cut freehand with a rotary cutter and the edges are finished with satin stitches.

This is what the outside surface of the padfolio looks like spread out flat.

Inside there is a pocket for a pencil or pen, calculator, or anything else you want to keep close to the notepad in the center panel.

Directions for the padfolio may be downloaded as a pdf from the margin. Make sure you have the version with the measurement correction! I made a mistake in the first version.



Robin said...

Love your padfolio but I couldn't find the link on your Blog. Am I missing something?

Graceful Spirit Fiber Arts said...

Simply Beautiful,
Thanks for sharing
Rita Legere

Beth Wheeler said...

You aren't missing anything Robin. I didn't get the link up yet. Sorry!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for sharing these additional ideas, both for surface design and for shaping that flap. I swear, I am so unimaginative - it never occurred to me to curve it! I have two more to make before Christmas...chop chop!

tiedyejudy said...

These are gorgeous, Beth! I can't wait to try making some!

c.c. said...

i love the padfolios, can't wait to try one. i don't seem to be able to find the link, has it not been added yet. i have lots of rusted fabric that will work great for these.