Friday, October 16, 2009

Janet Hartje wins the pendant!

Thank you to all who posted about the dichroic pendant to help breast cancer research. Janet Hartje wins the drawing! Janet, please e-mail me with your snail-mail address—and congratulations! In my opinion, as we work together to battle breast cancer, we all are winners. DS says this sounds corny, but I don't care. :-)

November 10 and 11 I've been invited to speak to RiverWalk Quilters in Naperville, Illinois. Sharing the adventure that has resulted in Next Steps in Altered Photo Artistry and Altered Photo Artistry is always a pleasure for me.

I always send or take a small Threadography piece to be given away as a doorprize. The photo above will be taken home by someone at the meeting that night. If you're in the area, I hope you'll join us!

This is the original photo. Hard to believe, isn't it? In the workshop on Wednesday, the 11th participants will work on their OWN altered photo, stitching it and turning it into a fascinating altered photo panel ready to be framed or finished with binding.

Doesn't this just beg for beads? I love the stitching and have been including collage and mixed media techniques more often.


maggi said...

Congratulations to Janet and I agree with you that we are all winners. Lucky people who will be doing the class with you.

nanaandpapa1 said...

OOOOOHHHHH! Wow, I really wish I was back living in Illinois right now. Naperville was just a hop, skip, and a jump away and I would be the first in line to try this. I am waiting for the book, but might have to try experimenting without it. tempted to "clear the deck" and start something new. thanks for sharing on the blog and facebook. I'm inspired, oh, so very inspired.

Phyllis said...

Congratulations, Janet. Every pendant I make takes us that much closer to a cure and a helping hand. Enjoy. Phyllis Crawley