Sunday, October 11, 2009

Displacement Map Video!!!

Yes! Yes! I know I'm suppose to be working on taxes, but the thought of making a video about using displacement maps has been flooding my head and I just couldn't wait any longer!!

Here is a link to a Jing video I just made, showing where to find and how to apply displacement maps in Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.
The image in the video is the same one used for the padfolio in the photo from yesterday's posting.

Just click on the link, or copy it and paste it into your browser, and it will take you to Screencast, where the video is stored. Click on the arrow and you should have audio as well as video. If you're on dial-up, there may be occasional pauses as the file is accessed slower than if you're on cable or DSL.

There have been so many comments on C&T Publishing's blog, on this one, and questions from various discussion groups about the displacement maps, I just HAD to share this with you! Displacement maps don't seem to be a popular feature in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Even some graphic designers don't know about them, let alone use them.

Hope you enjoy the video. Let me know if you have questions!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your video, I've been working in Photoshop Elements 7 for the last few months, have a lot more to learn. At least I was familiar with some things. Curious do you have a Facebook Fan page? Would love to follow you.

Beth Wheeler said...

I'm a newbie to Facebook, but do have friends. I can post and answer questions, and play Scrabble, but other than that I just don't "get" Facebook.

If you can find me, I'll be glad to add you as a friend. :-)

maggi said...

Great video Beth. Looking forward to translating everything into Photoshop (as usual!)

Carolyn Abramofsky said...

Thanks so much for the video on the displacement maps. I have been working more and more with the filters. Also loved the video on TQS. Carolyn

Dixie said...

Tsk,tsk! Of course, it is only the 11th, but tempus fugit (as they say). Repeat after me, I'm not going to put this off any longer:)

Julia in NZ said...


Great video, though took about 30 minutes to watch and I am on wireless! I had goggled displacement maps after your comment yesterday.

A bit puzzled on your behalf why the link goes to all your personal files like taxation, which I'm sure you don't want everyone to see.

Julia in NZ

HeartFire said...

Saw your post on the Photoshop yahoo group... thanks so much for sharing about map displacement, I'd never heard of it, and just love to play with PS elements!

Rosie said...

Beth, for some reason I couldn't get the video to load for me... all I could see was your desktop folders and when I clicked on the "play" arrow, I got a blank screen. =(

Anonymous said...

Cool video...I play with Elements a lot but hadn't messed with the displacement I've got something new to try. Thanks!


Elizabeth Golden said...

So where is this link?