Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of the treasures from the Fiber Festival last Saturday was something called FireStar. The label says it is hand-dyed nylon! I thought nylon could only be dyed while it was a liquid and before it is extruded (or however they make nylon threads).

However it's made, FireStar has luminous sparkles in it, almost like Angelina but very soft. There was no un-dyed FireStar, so I just HAD to settle for these luscious colors.

These are the wool "nebs" referred to in the previous post. Don't they have an interesting texture? I can see them felted as is into a landscape for snow or dyed and felted for sand, grass, or fields.

These are the un-dyed silk hankies. They are harvested from the silk worm's cocoon and add a very different texture than silk roving or yarn. They accept dyes beautifully and I can't wait to dye hankies to coordinate with the hand-dyed silk/rayon velvet.