Sunday, May 3, 2009

No photos today. I'm in a hospital lobby, waiting for my mother's surgeon to tell us she's out of surgery.

Ellie fell in her kitchen yesterday. The rubber sole of her shoe caught on the kitchen tile and pitched her forward into the sink. She bounced of the sink, hit her head on the oven door and landed on her hip and broke it (the hip).

Fortunately, the gentleman who works in her yard was nearby and had not started the mower or garden tiller and was able to hear her calling for help. At 86, even if she had been able to drag herself to the counter, there is no way she'd have been able to reach the phone. So, we are grateful help was immediately nearby.

The surgeon is installing two metal rods into the bone to hold the bone together while it heals. They tell us to expect recovery to take about 6 weeks. So, family and friends are rearranging their lives to make sure she has the support she needs.

Thank you for your prayers, good wishes, and positive energy. They make such a difference!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, as if your life's not complicated enough! God must have been looking after your mom - hope her recovery goes well.

I live alone and often think about what would happen if I had an accident - no one checks on me on a daily basis. I carry a cell phone when I'm outside, but don't think twice about being in the house without it on my person. And then I DO stop and think - would I be able to reach a phone if something happened? Like as not.

I know I would have family and friends step up after the fact, though. Sending positive energy your way! Keep us posted.

maggi said...

You must be so grateful to the neighbour. I wish your mother a speedy recovery.

Connie said...

Best wishes for your mother's speedy recovery and blessings to everyone helping her. It will be a year Sunday that my Dad passed at 93 and I miss him.

Carol said...

Hope everything goes well with your mom's recovery. Make sure you treat yourself well :)