Sunday, February 22, 2009

As mentioned yesterday, I’m working on a new online class in Needle Felting using an embellishing machine or needle tool and mat (more work, but less expensive)! It’s sooo much fun and initial experiments with incorporating images printed on fabric have been very positive.

I need your opinion.

Roving can be difficult to find and next to impossible to find a variety of fiber content and colors locally. However, there is a wide variety available on Ebay. The problem with purchasing on Ebay is you have to buy (much) larger quantities that needed for this class.

Would it make sense to offer a starter kit with small amounts of 8–10 different colors roving for less than $20?

I really value your input!


Jan in AZ said...

Try Etsy for some great hand-dyed roving - there are a lot of shops that are selling variety packs of merino roving. Also check your local yarn or knitting stores - most of the stores in AZ carry roving in addition to their other knitty fibers. They usually run about $2 an ounce, which is a lot of roving fiber if you layer it on a base of wool or batting. Good luck - once the felting bug bites you, it can be tough to shake!

Pam said...

I've been able to find roving locally at some of the sewing/quilting shops. Kits would be nice for those who don't have local suppliers of the fibers.

Max said...

I have just taken up needle felting by hand - because it is so soul rewarding. I too have found it difficult to find small quantities of roving and colors locally. I did go on ebay and found a supplier who willingly put together a packet of smaller quantities of colors for a very reasonable price. This was a bonus for her because she had no use for them otherwise, the pieces were loose and got into everything. I have had no follow up on the suggestion that I made to her to put small packs on ebay. Maybe its a hit and miss posting. She is in British Columbia Canada. What I received was excellent.

Jo Rice said...

Yes, definitely sell a kit. It will save your students a lot of money. Tell them I said so!!! Lol