Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Geoff (DH), Lori (studio associate), and I went to an ice sculpture exhibit and contest in a nearby town.

What fun! It was only 15 degrees and I can’t imagine how the artists could stand being out in the cold for hours on end, but the work was captivating.

Having never seen anyone sculpt ice, I was surprised to see chain saws, power sanders, and blow torches (really). Who knew?

When the cuts were made with the chain saw, the ice was frosty white, but the addition of a coat of water or the application of a blow torch caused the surface to melt slightly and the ice turned glassy.

Not a scrap of thread was visible, but it sure was fun to see and appreciate the artwork—however temporary it may be.


Janet Hartje said...

There is an ice sculpture contest as part of the winter carnival in St Paul each year. It really is amazing to see what someone can create from a block of ice! The ice castles they have had in past years were incredible. Janet Hartje

Shirley said...

There is also an ice sculpture show at Lake Louise, Alberta which is in the Canadian Rockies. Ice carvers from all over the world come and they are unbelievable. It is held in January every year, and this year the temperature was 0 - l0 F so they
really do have courage. Shirley Paterson.

ps- love your blog..