Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Intermediate Photoshop Elements explores manipulation techniques for block composition or photographic quilt images.

The migraine haze still hasn't lifted completely, but it is better.

The sun is shining on a light dusting of snow, which dazzles the eyes. Elsie is quite alarmed at the snow and refuses to do her business outside. Once scooted out the door, she stands on the other side looking in and shivering silently. Even the little wool coat doesn't keep her warm enough to brave the cold.

The new online class session begins this Friday. What an interesting experience it has been! I've been teaching online classes since March and have found them to be extremely effective. What one misses in face-to-face exchange is far outweighed by the freedom to work through exercises at one's own pace. All your supplies are nearby and class discussion includes photos of other students' work, so there is a synergy—albeit at a little slower pace.

Liz Kettle's beading class fascinates me. I've long ago overdosed on hand beading, but her sample project is so charming, I'm tempted to take the class just to make the adorable fabric book!

My Photoshop Elements classes (beginning and intermediate PSE for quilters) have been well received and the class has grown and changed slightly with each group of participants. Each group brings new questions and challenges and I really enjoy seeing where they take the techniques.

The Joy of Rust Dyeing was added this summer and has been an absolute delight! Rust dyeing is now a part of much of my personal work and it continues to captivate me with its serendipitous effects.

If you'd like to see class descriptions, I invite you to the Quilters Keep Learning website: http://www.quilterskeeplearning.com

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