Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back from Houston Quilt Festival

After much fun and frustration, my studio associate Lori and I are back from Houston Quilt Festival. We anticipated being back in Fort Wayne Tuesday evening, but fate had other plans for us. In Missouri, we discovered a section of historic Route 66 paralleled the highway we were traveling. Since exploring the Mother Road has been a dream of mine for years, we were thrilled to spend an hour or so traveling the old road and taking photographs.

Several hours later, we found ourselves on the side of the road, near the airport in Indianapolis. Thank goodness AAA is on call around the clock! By 1:00 am they had towed us to a hotel near the airport, where we were able to sleep a few hours. Then AAA (bless them) towed us to a service station.

$650 and a new fuel pump later, we were on the road and back home about 24 hours later than planned, but grateful to be in our own little beds with our own snuggly pillows!

In my opinion, a AAA membership makes a GREAT gift!

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Lois Jarvis said...

Oh, Beth, you poor baby. Well at least the van got you to Houston and almost back home.