Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Smoked salt and little plates

I've been working all summer on making my own smoked salt. Have tried bunches of (unsuccessful) techniques and finally found one that is mistake proof!

The goal was to make smoked salt for Christmas gifts—AND I wanted tiny salt plates and spice spoons to go with the salt.

I tried to commission two different ceramic artists to do what was in my head (1 1/2" diameter plates with irregular edges) but even at $20 per plate, couldn't get it to happen. THEN my friend Amy (who has a kiln in her studio) invited me to experiment.

The result is 8 sets of 4 plates each with tiny spice spoons (from the Montessori online store). Exactly what I had in mind. I am lovin' it!

The unpredictability of ceramic glazes prevailed and none turned out like I hoped, but some are even more awesome that envisioned!! The photo shows a coarse sea salt on one of the plates (matte black glaze) with the tiny spice spoon. Can't wait for the holidays!!

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