Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's a field of rusted fabric!

Getting ready for Quilt Festival in Long Beach next week involves rusting lots of fabric for demos in the Earth Safe Finishes booth. I'll be demonstrating surface design with various ESF products on rust-dyed fabric for depth and complexity.

It's all about layers. I've studied examples of artists whose work I admire and have come to the conclusion that it's all about layers—layers that harmonize, layers that contrast, layers that compliment, layers that together make a statement.

So, between Quilt Festival and an order for Trusty Rusty Things product line, Lori and I have rusted about 40 yards of fabric in the past two days. The photo above shows less than half of the pieces. The other pieces are still "marinating" in their respective rust sources.

In a slightly different train of thought, we have puppies at the Poodle Ranch! Aren't they adorable? These little guys are about two days old in the photo. Coco, the Mom, wasn't thrilled I was so close to the pups, but she didn't bark until all the photos were finished.

It's amazing how small they are. Lori could hold all three of them in one hand for a photo op!