Saturday, May 16, 2009

Image Transfer Tutorial

Original tulip photo.

Original photo transferred onto Tyvek with Earth Safe Finishes Hand and Brush Cleaner.

Finally had a minute to upload the tutorial on transferring images onto fabric, Tyvek, and Lutradur using Earth Safe Finishes Hand and Brush Cleaner. Look for it in the bar on the left of this page.

There are separate directions for dye-base and pigment-base inks and a third one for toner-base photocopies.

How to tell if your printer uses dye-base or pigment-base inks? Make a color print of something, using all four, six, or eight inks (depending on your printer) on plain paper and let it dry completely. Then, drip water on the print. If it just gets wet, it's probably pigment-base ink. If it get wet and runs or wicks, it's most-probably dye-base ink.

As an interesting note, there was a little Hand a Brush Cleaner left on a plastic plate when I was running these tests. The next morning, the cleaner was still in the plate. It had not evaporated. Interesting! Wonder if that is an indication of the no-VOC content?