Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It’s been busy here in the Muttonhead studio the past week, even though there hasn’t been much posted on the blog.

Easter Seals/Arc here in town is sponsoring a fund-raising project by pairing business sponsors and local artists to create an artistic version of a huge cast Easter Egg. The project is call Eggstravaganza and is the brain child of Easter Seals' special events coordinator Valerie Magana.

29 eggs were matched with sponsors and artists to decorate oversize eggs (32 pounds each!) made from a casting medium called Merlin's Magic. The medium comes from the dental industry. They fashion replacement parts for chipped and/or broken teeth, so it's dense and very tough.

I was paired with the publisher of a local business magazine to create From a Distance, an abstract version of our planet. What a challenge—it was way out of my comfort zone! It's finished. It's beautiful. And I'm really glad to be back in my own world of fabric, thread, buttons, and beads!